Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday's Favourite Find: What's Under the Bed?

I found a gorgeous book this week that I thought would be perfect for today's Favourite Find, being Black Friday after all. It's What's Under the Bed? written and illustrated by Joe Fenton.

It's time for Fred to go to bed, but he hears a noise! What could it be? His imagination starts running away with him, wondering if the noise came from something with a big grin, long nails or even two tails. Fred has to build up the courage to look under his bed! 
What's that noise?
What's that sound?
Is there something on the ground?
Could there be something under my bed?
The predominately black and white illustrations with splashes of colour perfectly depict the scary shadows at night.  I absolutely love Fred's large bespectacled eyes!

Happy reading and have a wonderful weekend!

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