Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Storytelling Forest

James loves telling stories and we are always looking for new inspiration. Today he found some inspiration at the park we visited. After feeding the ducks, we went to explore the park's beautiful trees. It was this little stand of trees that sparked his imagination.

This is James' storytelling forest!

There is something magical about being able to sit under the canopy of a group of beautiful trees like this, don't you think? 

As we sat in the storytelling forest (the centre of the circle of trees) I watched as James' imagination began to soar. We told each other a variety of stories that all included a tree in some way, as well as the usual characters, James and his best friend Moosey!

Our stories included trees so tall they reached the clouds, building tree houses, climbing trees and a group of "little people" who lived in a hole in a tree.  

A wonderful and completely unexpected outdoor experience!

How do you and your family tell stories to each other? Do you have a favourite method?

For some more storytelling inspiration, you might like our storytelling jar or recording stories on a phone app.

For the local Canberra readers, we visited Bowen Park near Kingston.

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