Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Project #1: Our new book nook

When My Little Bookcase said they were hosting The Little Book Adventure for the National Year of Reading we signed up straight away!  

The first project involves looking at storage and presentation of books so that they are appealing to children and they are tempted to pick up a book and start reading. The books also have to be arranged so that they can be easily accessible to kids.

As you can imagine, our house is full of books, they are everywhere! The one thing we don't really have is a dedicated reading area just for the kids.  For a few days after the challenge was announced I just wandered around the house thinking about what we could do. It was my little girl (21mths) who gave me the inspiration I needed.

While playing upstairs I noticed it had gone very quiet in Emily's room! I went to investigate and couldn't find her at first. Then I looked in the wardrobe, which is where I usually find her! There she was sitting by herself 'reading' her favourite book of the moment, Pip and Posy: The Big Balloon by Axel Scheffler.

This got me thinking about how we could better use the space in her wardrobe. She loves hiding in there, so why not make it a little more inviting? 

The before shot! With a little reorganising I realised that the wooden cupboard thingy wasn't really needed, so out it came out and our book nook was created!

After a little dusting, I laid down a folded doona and then covered it with a gorgeous colourful quilt that a friend of mine made for Emily when she was born. Add a couple of comfy pillows and a basket of books and you have a very cosy little reading corner. 

It's a bit hard to see from the photo but I also included a little battery operated LED light (the silver triangle attached to the side of the shelves). This is so they can close the doors (which they insist on doing) and still have enough light to read. So now we have a wardrobe/book nook/cubby!

Here is our basket of books. The kids choose the books they wanted in the basket and I plan to rotate them regularly.

Here is Emily enjoying her new book nook, reading another Pip and Posy favourite.  I thought the wall looked a little bare, so I cut out the letters READ from brightly coloured paper and laminated them. I attached them to the wall using blu-tac. With a toddler around I knew the letters had to be sturdy and easily removed and replaced. The first thing she did was pull them off the wall to have a look at them and then she stuck them back on herself! I think I might make some more to complete the alphabet so we can have fun spelling different words or just recognising letters.

I am really happy with this little book nook and the kids LOVE it! They are always in there and if they aren't reading, they're using it for a cubby house. 

Our book nook is only part of what we have been doing for this month's project, but the rest will have to wait until another post later in the week, so please stay tuned!


  1. Oh Melissa, you never cease to amaze me. It is wonderful.
    I love that your daughter gave you the inspiration.
    I'm still wandering around my house too. I've got some ideas- but scared to commit to one.

  2. Thanks Jackie! I must say a big thank you to you for hosting this great adventure, we are already having so much fun. We also reorganised my Son's bookcase which I will post about later this week. I am looking forward to seeing all the great ideas everyone has come up with. 

  3. What a lovely idea, such a great way to get kids enthusiastic about reading. I was always brought up being taught the importance of, and to have a passion in books and reading, and will pass that on to the next generation :)

  4. Thank you Lisa. The kids are having a great time in their reading cubby! My husband & I love reading and the house is always full of books and now our passion seems to rubbing off on the kids :)

  5. Love it!  Am now thinking of dismantling half the linen cupboard for a book nook!  Where to put the sheets though....

  6. Thanks Robyn! Good luck creating your book nook and finding room somewhere for your sheets to go :)