Wednesday, February 19, 2014

6 Picture Books About Spiders

So, yesterday I went out to get the mail and I found a ridiculously HUGE red back spider in our backyard!! Aargh! After I stopped having a major freak out, I sat and watched it for a while as it wrapped this poor beetle, who was still alive and kicking, in a web. Fascinating and just a tiny bit scary.

It got me thinking about picture books that feature spiders. I struggled to come up with some off the top of my head, so I asked the lovely Honey Bee Books community and they had some wonderful suggestions (special thanks to Sally, Catherine and Shara). In case you missed the discussion last night, I thought I would share their wonderful list with you all.

Here are 6 picture books featuring spider, as recommended by our Honey Bee Books friends:

Aaaarrgghh! Spider! by Lydia Monks
The little spider wants to be a family pet but every time this clever spider tries to impress the family, she scares them instead. That is  until the day she unwittingly enchants them. 
Incy Wincy Spider by Keith Chapman and illustrated by Jack Tickle. 
A fun twist on an old favourite. Children can trace the glittery trail of the spider as he is blown out of the window of a barn and then drifts, flutters and glides from barnyard animal to barnyard animal. 

One Hungry Spider by Jeannie Baker
In this beautifully illustrated counting book, a hungry spider spins her web and waits while a procession of birds and insects - both predators and prey - fly around or into the web.

Ten Big Spiders by Norris. 
Part of a lovely series of brightly illustrated and fun picture books focusing on creepy crawlies. Ten Big Spiders has a funny story, great illustrations and a great way to practise counting.

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle. One little spider is very busy spinning her web. A variety of farm animals stop by and ask her if she wants to do something with them. Determined to finish her web, she doesn't answer and keeps on spinning. Her hard work pays off and she eventually finishes the web and catches a fly.

Up, Up and Away by Ginger Wadsworth and Patricia J. Wynne. 
One spider's search for a home of her own. Each spring hundreds of spiders hatch from their egg sacs and begin their struggle to survive. Ginger Wadsworth and Patricia J. Wynne share the drama of one spider as she eats, grows, and soars up, up, and away to find a home of her own

Do you have a favourite spider book? What would you add to the list?


  1. Catherine @ Story SnugFebruary 20, 2014 at 7:31 AM

    I thought of another one! Ella falls in love with Pierre the spider in Ella by Alex T. Smith. It's the Cinderella story with a cast of insects :)

  2. That sounds adorable Catherine. I have added it to my wish list. Thanks so much for your suggestions :-)