Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Book Week Parade Costume: The Extraordinary Mr Qwerty

Book Week Parade Costume: The Extraordinary Mr Qwerty

Book Week is definitely our favourite time of year. A whole week of celebrating children's books (as if we needed an excuse). The highlight of the week for me has always been the school Book Week Parade, where all the students get dressed up as their favourite book characters. I still have fond memories of taking part in these parades when I was a kid.

This year there was certainly no question about which book character my son was going to be dressing up as for his Book Week parade. I knew what his answer would be, even before I asked him. Mr Qwerty of course! The Extraordinary Mr Qwerty by Karla Strambini has been a firm favourite for my son this year.

Like Mr Qwerty, my son often keeps his ideas under his hat. He is a bright kid with lots of wonderful ideas but he often doesn't have the confidence to share them (especially in the classroom environment). Similar to Mr Qwerty, he worries about what others might think or even if he might be wrong. So this year we have been working on building his confidence in sharing ideas in class and we regularly refer to Mr Qwerty and the benefit of letting his ideas out from under his hat.

I found a plastic bowler hat at a party supply shop for $3. I copied the light bulbs and light bulb creatures from the book cover and stuck them on the hat. We found a black coat and red tie from a thrift shop for less than $5 and they will make great additions to the dress up box later on. He already had a white shirt with a collar. 

Of course a he also needed a pencil and notepad to jot down all his wonderful ideas, so I attached another lightbulb picture onto a pencil with black tape.

The Extraordinary Mr Qwerty costume for book week

This was a super easy costume to pull together with no sewing required!!!! I think he looked pretty fabulous and he loved his costume. I am not sure he is ever going to take that hat off!

Did you or your child take part in a Book Week Parade this year? What character did they go as?


  1. Looks wonderful. So good to have a character he is actually connected too.

  2. Thank you. I agree, I really wanted him to choose a character that he liked from a book that he enjoys and connects to. I always love watching the book week parade and seeing what everyone has come up with, and the teachers always look fabulous too. My favourite week of the year!